jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2005-01-17 06:32:59 (UTC)

The Women Warriors Are Not Dead

My God you have given me the riches of the land.

I worried about nothing my servant was at my hands.

All the friends that a man can have.

I owned the world I also commanded my slaves.

The glory that sat before my feet.

There is nothing left oh lord why have thy forsaken thee.

The friends or no longer there. I sit in darkness,

With tears upon my eyes;

the darkness that surrounds me;

the sadness upon me.

I am ready to end it all;

there is no sunshine where I live.

How could thy father take away the most precious jewels?
I am the sunshine I thought of his children that he

Just to be wiped away in the mist of the night.

The moon that protects the spirits of the almighty God;

Oh thy sacred grounds of love,

creations through the links of

the other side, oh thy man that

live upon the earth the will to

give life, the love of thy almighty

God, Jewels of women the gift from

God, Holy grounds that can be touched

through the symbol of love.

For every thing that man shall touch, that projects the
image of bonded discuss, shall tarnish away, for my words
or my bond.

I the father God, shall not bless those who tarnish the
creations of thy wealth. I shall give, I shall take
away. Man must earn his reward in the love of thy father

My son I sit before the mountains, as you my son the tears
upon my eyes.

I gave you the world, jewels and all. Never once did you
think to feed the sick, and the poor. I filled your caucus
with food and drink, you turned your back on those,

who had nothing, you shrouded and walked away.

I sent my son in the form of a poor per he asked you for a
peace of bread,

You laughed and cussed him, Be careful my son you never no
what image, I may appear, to ask for a meal, to judge your
heart, as I gave you the riches of the world.

I sat before the rock the gift of

great love, son of the sons

Father of the Father, Nations

that are built through love.

Prophets of stability, Wisdom of

humanities, sweet , sweet Calvary

the mountains that create man.

I have given I shall now take it away.

The transformation has proven your loyalty are treason,

To thy brother, I love all my children the same.

Yea thou I may have created my children in love, many
have committed treason in the name of greed, ignorance,
and selfishness all about self.

For every reason theres a season, think not man is greater
than thou.

Satan can be swift away in the wink of the eyes;

But he is used to balance the love of thy God; Who side
will you choose.

For man is man, foul is foul, God is God. I the father
shall judge.

For every earthly thing that exists on the earth, man
shall not take it with him. The heart of the soul shall
flourish within the spirit of love.