jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2004-02-13 17:33:59 (UTC)

The Drawings Master Peace Of The Mind

The Drawings Master Peace Of The Mind

The reign of law universal conceptions,
finding of principal man becomes what he thinks.
The voices of the soul cries out,
man of integrity shines upon the heavens,
In detruncated by the gold lock.
Mental laws of habits sings,
its own songs of understanding.
Every man a king when the master lock,
holds only one key.
Vitalizing power of the masters,
mental law of habit.

Emancipation of a deliverance,
persistent purposes that must be delivered.
Power of adaptations the tunnel,
that shines upon the light.
The prophet that bleeds peace of mind.
The drawings of a stroll ,
the Kings of Kings proscribed
Laws of the prophets, prophecy,
transitions, humanity, reality, self restraint
Power of suggestions,
how the script is displayed.
Upon the windows of great minds.

Transforming the formative state of mind,
the mastery of suggestions,
Action and re-actions. Bondage of freedom cloven in a
demonstrating symbolic frame,
The ancestors translations of the master mind.
Mastery of self, how mind rules the body.

Finding of suggestions the master,
peace of the mind.
Finding the solutions that joins, Uniting power.
Concentrating mythologies that speaks out loud.
Its not the theorize but the metrologies,
that fits the peaces,
of a puzzle , the picture can not be corrected,

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