jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2004-02-13 17:33:06 (UTC)



To do are to dye, to dye are to live,
Evaluations of power, Mastery of Self.
Man of integrity the minister of spirit.
Finding of principals might of power,
meekness, simple laws of loving self.
The hero or the coward saving self.

The soul that dies a thousand time,
when the soul of will would die once.
The reign of dignity,
the spirit of master imagery the mind,
that thinks for self.

Submission of pain shall never over ride ,
the inner development of will.
Rubies that gleam, reflections of a supreme being.
The dignity that over feels.
The warm waters of the seas cries,
behold the glory of thy wings.
The pain that hide.
Who is the sea ?
Who is the spirit beyond the sea?

Be not sting more than once,
The second may be deadly to your cause,
Be humble an seek for truth,
The devil will always tell on self,

The will simplicity power of adapt ions.
Let not man come back twice,
In the name of sorry or rejoice,
He shall continue to set forth traps of thou,
All in the name of love.

Within the actions of the beast,

hell who claims the souls of men.
Many sea’s cannot embrace love,

oceans cannot wash it away what a bitter taste,
to look through another mans eyes.
The opposite of knowledge ,
is not listening of tomorrow,

one without loyalty to the word of will,
one without promises of tomorrow,
freedom an mind cannot be separated,
no more than the heart speaks.

Its not power of a man who kills his brother.
It is not power of a man who defeats his wife.
Its not power of a man who abandon his son.

Death is life and life is death,
tour moils of the beginning,
Knowledge the metaphorical,
suggestions of inner peace.
Within the walls of spirits,
the tongue shall confess,
within the walls of humanities,
the granting’s of a good heart.

The labor of the spoken,

words shall be the deliverance,
that man shall embrace the words of love.
Humble the emotions of a scholar,
the treasures of Wisdom, knowledge,
Understanding, Silence in time of harm,
Messages from the almighty,
silence of the beast.

The tongue the sword,
of an eagle eyes, shall be the
The source of destructions.
Omni presents every place,
all the time, at the same place.

The man within his own,
abominations of definitions,
Surely he feels his concept ,

is the spoken words of a deliverance,
without the understanding of what a man
Is and should be.
Wisdom blacked out within his own definitions.
Nevertheless, he never learned wisdom,
are the words holy,
A man who don’t identify,
with the creator who made him.

The lights remain on, to walk through the door,
The battle with self, oh what a pill of self-destruct.
The hell within inner self,
why is it so hard to erase?
The laws of cause and effect.

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