jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2004-02-13 17:31:12 (UTC)

The Ten Commandments Of Satan

1. Thy Shall Kill Thy Brother

2. Thy Shall Break All The Laws Of God

3.Thy Shall Destroy Break All Lines Of Unity

4. Thy Shall Destroy The Temple Of My Creations

5. Thy Shall Sign A Contract With Satan Forfeiting The
Rights To Heaven

6. I forfeit All Souls And Abide By Hell

7. They Shall Be No Sanctuary Of Marriage Man Can Lust Of
The Land

8. Thy Shall Lynch Thy Brother And Open Doors For Satin
To Walk In

9. Jealousy, Hate, Destruction, Trampling On Gods
Creations You Shall receive your Wings By Satan

10. Secret Code U.nder S.atan A. uthority
Private Lynching May Now Take Place