jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2004-01-15 23:39:00 (UTC)

Confessions Of Love

Confessions Of Love

Senses of balance that confronts my inner thoughts.
To be love are to be without. Open wounds of pain.
Wanting to be love, no matter challenges
that sat before me.
Senses of equilibrium anxieties un- balance.
Lost books loosing lessons of what love should be.

Sensitizations that wonder through the night.
Black tears upon my pillow case.
Compositional sources of blind love.
I seek the mastery of sensitivity the warmth,
Of the softness of a gentle Satan skin that resolves
Around my inner emotions to be love.

Composure turning back on truth, love dose not hurt.
Nevertheless composures dictate my destiny.

I have given all that I posses, through the black rain.
I sit upon the night with my hands folded upon my chest.
I sit upon the dreary nights,
Denial that sits upon my door,
trying to understand ,
the inner emotions of love.
feeling the hunger for love.
I shall die before I give into,
the hypocrisy of pain.

I give to you my self respect,
Embracing emotional distress
the softness of thy heart,
forsaken all pride.
the sacred grounds of my temple,
accepting the laughter
masqueraded as love.

There shall be no dismay,
in the pretense of forbidden love,
I shall rise above the night.
Give me love are give me death.
The songs of love ,
shall no longer be faded ,
within the songs of death,
illusions of a want to be love.

I have given my treasures of jewels,
As I lay upon the night,
hopeless an confuse.
The word love must now have a meaning,
without confusion,
I shall closed the chapter of dismay,
I shall no longer,
settle for heart ache and pain.

The sounds of the winds no longer sing.
The roses no longer stand with strength,
the sun only brings clouds dark an dreary,
The waters cry there own song.

I shall no longer live in darkness.

Give me love are give me death,
beyond the words of captivity,
will not be my victim song,
I cry rebirth give me love.
Embrace thee for the scars are to deep.