jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2003-11-20 05:44:28 (UTC)

I Danced With God

Through the rainbows of thy visions, I raised my hands to
the heaven, Oh thy Father God gave me Jesus, the tears
flowed through the heaven. Through the fires of satins
betrayal earth, God walked and dance with me,
through the flames, that satin set forth.
Listen to the hymns as Jesus and thy father dance with me.
The Psalms that he set forth the temple of wisdom listen
as thou sing.
Oh thy heavenly God spin me around, changed my life, and
put my spirit on solid grounds, the dance with thy God,
listen to the harps, and Jesus who sings so loud. You
watch me as I took my first step, you picked me up when
I slipped and fail.
You washed me clean, and heal my wounds, Oh my God I sing
a joyful noise
Angels great eternal forces,
spirits of the almighty God.
The almighty oh watch him dance,
through the spirits of my temple,
the heart,
the God of Heaven,
Oh thou who represents the spirit,
shall reflect thy heart of thy almighty God.

The dance of thy God, the songs of Jesus,
Who took my hands and danced through the promise land.
Oh thy father you taught me the dance of forgiveness,
The rhythms of the bleeding heart, the two step to humble,
and the first step to understand the wisdom of your wants.

I danced with God listen to the hymns of my brother Jesus
as he joined along.
The heavens open, thy brothers lead the way, thy sisters
who carry the torch,
There is no longer flesh where we live, I danced with
Jesus as God sing, thy children have made it to the
Calvary, thy sons have got it right, Oh how I sing to
thee. Thy babies who have suffered for the lack of thy
spirit , selfish as those who lived upon the earth, the
children joined hands as they lay upon the cloth, and the
breath of thy God, healed the broken and wounded hearts,
listen as the spirits rise, and the children cry no more,
I dance with Jesus, laughed the blind child and God said
my jewel of heaven , open your eyes and the joyful noise
of the child, reached out his hands, God placed a rose
upon the child’s hands. The bleeding fountain has dried
up, my children come in love, I dance with thy Young , Oh
thy son your mission has been complete. I danced with God,
The birds sings, the angels gather in rings, and the light
Brings forth truths, the sons and the daughters who carry
the light.