jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2003-05-08 02:38:12 (UTC)

The Lord Is My Shepard

The Lord Is My Shepard
By Jacqueline Amos

The lord is my Shepard;
I shall lean upon the rock of forgiveness,
I give to thee my burdens,
upon thou rock,
Thy shall not fear,
for thou is within,
the surface of thou heart.

I fear not the world,
the golden promise of the lord.
I walk upon the valley of destruction,
for thou protects me from thou self,
as thy enemy that plans my destruct.
I drink of the holy water that lace my inner peace.

The lord is thou Shepard,
I shall not want,
I bow down upon thy knees,
I pray for thou brother,
and drink of the fountain,
of forgiveness,
forsaken self,
I give to thee the directions,
of Gods love.

Cry not for the forsaken,
rise him to the lord,
Thou burdens upon thy earth,
the golden cup of thy words,
the silver linings of great hopes,
doves that shines upon the light,
Sing not the song of defeat.

The candles of the prophets,
light shall lead,
the lord is thy Shepard,
I shall not want.

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All rights reserved