jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2003-05-08 02:37:01 (UTC)

Cover Me with Scented Oils

By Jacqueline Amos

Sweet liquidated smell of jasmine,
Cover thee with lace violets.
Taste the nectars from thy temple.
As it sings Black Roses,
The nights thou nights,
I the mist of great love, participated,
raptures of chase the voice of the beat of the singin
g drums, in harmony that keep,

I plead, turn me into your love slave,
chains not needed, love will take its course,
lonely shall never enter thy doors.
The blossoms, skies of veil, thirsting for power,
which escalates the thunder,
of great intensities of love.

Flashing storm below thy feet,
wetness that meets,
the universe of my peak,
I sing the some of essences,
listen it humbles as I speak.
Lip to lip, skin to skin,
jasmines to jasmine, moods of love,
listen as thy triumphed,
cease by a calm beat.

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copywriter 2002
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