jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2003-03-12 06:22:24 (UTC)

Wisdom And Life

Wisdom And Life
Author Jacqueline Amos

Beyond the see through veils,
the proclamation of which it stands,
human being, the open door to conformity of man.
without light there shall be darkness, without
truth there shall be no wisdom,
Prophesies of a new world order,
beyond the see through vials of life and knowledge,
rebirth of truth.

In time of the ancient Gods,
a hero to be found through the ancient dark.
Conditions of subjections, Mysticism depths of soul
Beyond reality, mysteries images and words.
Silencing concepts to freedom of truth.

Which carries the power of life, authority within
Power of manifestation knowledge that is
Inseparable from spirit.

Torch of his own prophesies of who was who,
and the ego of a burning furnace without fuel,
the gift of wisdom the divine spirit of God.
Spirits that impels the universe,
the wisdom to know God.
Jesus the son that dwells within us,
the moans of the resurrection has not died.
I felt my brothers scars upon my back,
seductions of life and death.
Depths of human conditions.
Movement from law to faith.

Copywriter 2003