jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2003-03-12 06:19:20 (UTC)

Man Who Hides From Truth

Man Who Hides From Truth
Author Jacqueline Amos

Fear not the subscriptions of my script,
Fear not the power of suggestions of rebirth,
The dark shall return to light, within the spoken
Words of truth, Don’t hide behind close doors,
There is no closure, inside the propitious,
prison in the past, shall be the darkness to the present.

Persistence of theological inheritances word and spirit.
Authority within righteous manifestations.
Power of life, the golden string.
The global revolution, tribal infusion, rent less roots,
inside its own darkness of rebirth.

Truth shall speak through the wilderness, the solitude
The furbishing of truth, shall not be darken, the universe
Of nature shall open the doors. God shall open the doors,
Man has no power over the earth, Roars and Fire,
Shall not sanction the words of the universal truth.
Through the words of all vessels and thoughts,
Depths of human conditions, thoughts of concocting and
The moving mass of contentions, trance like state, the
And doubts, truth that impels the universe of a new
of t thought.

Within the wars of denials, the warrior of change,
historical propaganda he use’s
To hide behind truth, fear not earth, fear God.
The truth shall be herd, Jealousy , hate, manipulation,
Hate me, be me, the zombies that walk upon the land.
A man without conscious is a man without soul.
Man who is intimidated through words of wisdom and truth.

Copy write 2002