jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2002-11-19 01:33:47 (UTC)

The Golden Cup Cries Diversity

The Golden Cup Cries Diversity
By Jacqueline Amos 2002

The golden cup of Diversity, the symbolic visions sings all
glory be to God.
Wisdom the knowledge of life to human kindness, embrace the
golden cup of diversity. The giving heart the laughter of
love, yesterday that brings the past of engravings growths
of psalm. Almighty of Humanity a vision of the promise to
God. The oppress will no longer be sadden of the past.
Human kindness will be the fruits of great men.

I rise to the mountains of human consciousness, I sing the
songs of righteousness’, let no man fall under. The
warriors of the chariots that sings the holy songs.
The chariots bare the wings of angels, the heavens open, to
Gods promises, Everyman shall smile upon the holy grounds.
The waters rise to the mountains, the sea’s embrace the
oceans in harmony, the word love has taken a new meaning in
the paradise of Gods Garden.
Peace be still as the world be ordained.
Taste the fruits of diversity, there will be no sad song.
We shall over come.

The drums beat, the children sing, the chariots flee,
within the diversities of men.
I rise you to the mountains, I rise you to the heavens, I
rise you to the golden gates of heaven. All man will sit
and drink as one.

Copywriter 2001