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I Am Old Enough To Dye
2002-11-19 01:27:59 (UTC)

Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions
By Jacqueline Amos

Thy sit upon the night, escapades of visions,
thy dreams to be consort,
The sea’s bring forth visions, of a wanted love.
Thy lonely has continued to knock at thy door,
the breeze that clings to thy hair,
thy breath of wind caress thy tenderness of thy legs,
thirsting thou nights of stars that gleams upon the sky.
I the mist of thy tears, visions of invisibilities that
wonders upon the night.
Blossoms of violets, crickets that sings in harmony,
big dippers connect, the songs of the night rejoice.

Constancy of hymns that comes spontaneously through the
Life an love sings its on songs. Have thou merited
the blessings, of such tenderness, Is thou not worthy of a
little love.
Thy set forth upon the night. Give thee serenity to
embrace, the spirit of a vision, the confessions of a
dream. Let not life burden thy heart, Un rehearse I sing
this song, quietly among the night, visions of a dream, to
be complete. Thy confessions of thou, who sits upon the
rock, visions of wanted dreams. For thane will be no
kingdom, without the taste of scented love. Within the
deepen roads, of dreams visions awaken, without sleep. I
shall soon awaken upon the mist of the stars, thou shall
love within the mist of the stars, then not have loved at
I sit upon the colored rock, I recite the words of love,
validation of a pure heart, visions an dreams that will
never be lost.

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