jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2002-11-19 01:25:30 (UTC)

Charity Have Mercy

Charity Have Mercy
War Within My Own Back Yard
By Jacqueline Amos

Hope have mercy, war within my own back yard, darkness that
hides behind the honor of code. Children , Women, Men,
targeted as they were in the jungle, of raging beast.
Proclaiming the source of peace which it stands.
White outing truth, within the oh say can you see.
Blessed is the eternal God. Advocate on Nations.
Truth hidden in circles, deceiving the transformation of
Mercy the human heart of man. Who lives in a vacuum of his
own plans.
Judge not your nation of people within you serve, play not
the fool who sits in waiting. Your damnations will be the
lost of man.
Love how mercy on the blind and the meek.
Destructions at man’s own right hand. Wisdom who take
counsel of the nations of the earth. Darkness shall be
executed within the nations of man, who tramples on Gods
creations. Darkness behind justice which it stands.

Proclaim messages I order to rise the source of peace shall
I the source of my own right hand, Battle fields in my own
back yard.
How can man proceed in the structure of conformity, when he
lives as the beast in his own back yard. How can man cry
humanities when he steals, kills, destroys, manipulates the
nation he swore to pledge to and up stand .

The passiveness of man, shall be his own defeat of his
land. The darkness that lives within his jurisdictions of
the oh say can you see.
The truth shall be unwrapped by the only God, and satin
children shall flee.
Salvation be upon the charity of Gods grace.
Man slowly walking into the fire, no concern of his own
fate. Dictated by the oppressor which lives within his own
back yard.
Conflictions of the nation, Satins darkness to blind man.
Charity how mercy love upon thy back yard, has no mercy.
I pledge allegiance to the destruction of satins plan, I
cry the blood for which it stands. Salvation be upon the
land of man. The source of peace, was written in Jesus

Copywriter 2002