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I Am Old Enough To Dye
2002-11-19 01:23:19 (UTC)

Nubians National Anthems

Nubians National Anthems
By Jacqueline Amos

Oh thy glory ages and past, thy drums of Africa sings the
songs from thy soul.
Blessed be thy hopes and dreams, In battles that we fight,
Triumphant ever make us be in war. I pledge that the
thousand voices of psalms be thy eyes that man shall hear,
thy strength that he may lead, thy shoulder when stress
brings him pain, thy strength that he shall not fall
under. The drums that speaks through the telescope of the
Supreme power to defeat Satan plan, against the world and
wicked men of Satan rejoice. The rich shall look upon the
poor, but shall be the same who often close the saviors
door. When time shall cease, shall pass no wealth, pull
influence will save the sinners plea. I pledge that the
source of implementing humanity through human kindness
shall bring forth unity among the soldiers of the lord.
Deleting who’s imitations of powers for man’s sake, human
decent in Gods spoken words. Violence characterized to
an humiliate, to embrace just law.

Lords of nations an man reigning of sin, that lye upon the
throne of his own temple of darkness, which he tries to
claim Gods thrown. Reflections of man’s sight, visions
mans theories of right, voices raise pleading a thousand
voices, cry out love. God is God alone. A thousand voices
sings out loud. Oh say can you see, by the dark early
light, for the justice of some, and neglect of all, I wash
thy grounds , and rise my brothers to the heavens. There
only one God.

Copywriter 2001