jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2002-11-19 01:21:44 (UTC)

Prophesies Candles

Prophesies Candles
By Jacqueline Amos

In the shadows of my light,
Reflects the light of a ordained soul,
Abrasion lights of diamonds and jewels,
I rise
I drink from the Golden cup of humanities,
The prophet the son, the love of humanities,
Thy lord is thy guidance, thy raff thy staff.
Reflections Candles of prophesies.
Thy sing the songs of the doves.
Apparition a new day shall come,
Sight of God thou tool of man.

A wise crane of the Universe,
Thou reach the wings upon thy lark,
Of the heavens sacred house.
The wing of charm, that sits upon thou wings of the doves.
The prophesies of light shall bring a new understanding,
I the eyes of man, I the feet of directions, within Gods
plan, I thou shoulder to cry, I thy breath to breathe.

Copywriter 2002