jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2002-11-19 01:19:19 (UTC)

Breathing Through The Fruits Of Heaven

Breathing Through The Fruits Of Heaven
By Jacqueline Amos

Souls of divinity, enlighten of a humble spirit,
infinite spirit that sings glory to thee.
The alignment of love, breathing the fruits of Gods
Compassion spoken words,
listen to the heart beat of the doves.
The spirits that you find within you,
you shall find me.

Breathing the fruits of heaven.
The inner child rejoice,
through the windows of my shell.
The radiation of love glorify the spoken words.
Climbing the mountains of rejoice harvesting the light.

Spirituality the food of life.
Oh thy earth enclosing submerging with grace.
Prolonging the fleeing breath, thou heals the earth,
In vain the flow of scented love.
No pain shall be witness within the nations of love.

Copywriter 2001