Sleepless Dreams
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I'm lost. Everything is extreme. I either feel nothing at all, or I feel everything at once. If I shed some tears, it's impossible to know, if it's something from today or long ago. (Hey, that rhymes. Yay me.) Everyone is always telling to me to write, but I've never really liked writing because it requires too much effort and too much structure. Well, it does if you write professionally or in school.. but this is a diary.. My diary, so I can write any way I want. I don't have to indent. I don't have to start a new paragraph.. I can even use a run on sentence if I want.. I can do whatever I want. For some reason, this is something that I, repeatedly, have had to prove throughout my life. Not so much to myself, but to those who think I can't or won't. You are mistaken. The day I stop doing what I want, is the day I stop breathing.. and it will probably be because that's what I wanted.. ;) I'm also going to be leaving a series of letters here for a monster.. If you like open hostility, you might find them entertaining. I like how happy they make me feel after I've written one. Their very existence gives me back the control that he tried to steal. I won't delete what used to be the case because it led me to be who I am becoming. I HAVE BEEN FOUND..