2011-08-25 01:43:03 (UTC)

Daddy's Girl

Just a friendly warning that this is an incest were warned :D For those that don't mind, I hope you enjoy it!

Tia was having dirty thoughts. Horny thoughts. And they were about her daddy Jim.

It was more like a fantasy that had been going around inside Tia's dirty mind. She'd thought about this for a long time. But it was getting stronger after puberty.
Tia was always looking on the internet at daddy/ daughters websites. She loved to watch incest porn and read stories. She also liked finding others that had these thoughts and feelings like her.

The more she read and watched, the more it turned her on. In her mind, she pictured her and her dad. She would be playing with his cock, he'd be sucking on her.
This got her filthy mind working over time. Her pussy was hot for her daddy dearest. She doubted she could ever convince him to fuck her. She was pretty sure his love for her was the love that any dad has for a daughter.
And not in the sexual way. Well Tia was determined that she would have to show him how much of a total slut she had become.

And she would start with the cummy panties. In fact she had that was laying by her laundry basekt. She would plant them in the bathroom, like she had dropped them after her usual morning shower. Yes, Tia thought. Cummy panties will be just the thing!

The next morning she did just that. She took her morning showers and dropped her cummy panties right there, where her daddy could find them. Tia hoped they would turn him on. Even get him excited with the thought of his daugher cumming in her panties.
She knew that daddy took his shower after she did. So she waited, somewhat patiently for daddy to take his morning shower and hoped for a reaction.

Soon after she heard her daddy leave the bathroom, she ran to see if he had found her little present. She peeked and looked and didn't see them on the floor. Thinking mabye daddy stuck them in the clothes hamper, she peeked in. Nope, not there.
That meant that daddy had taken them. This got Tia very excited and got her dirty thoughts going around in her mind, her pussy getting wet.

Perfect! My plan is working. Now on to the next step of my plan Tia thought. Daddy/daughter story sites. Her plan was to leave him a message, in a story that she wrote, but sending it like she was a different daughter on the site.
And she had an e-mail address she used that he didn't know about.

She sent the message, asking if any dirty daddies would want to reply. She asked if any daddies had filthy thoughts about their own daughters. If so, then just reply to her message, and putting in the title 'total slut for daddy's cock.
Tia sent the message and happened to leave the site open on the computer. She hoped her daddy would find it and any dirty thoughts of her and that he would want to see what his naughty daughter had been looking at.

He would see that this girl was a total slut for her daddy. That she loved being tied up and fucked in every hole.

This was her next plan to get her own daddy interesting in his own horny daughter. She heard the car start up in the garage, her daddy going off to work.
As soon as he had left, she hurried to his bedroom to see if she could find her cummy panties. Tia looked around the room.

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she started look around hiding places. She discovered lots of porn dvds with some of her favorite material like bondage, group sex, incest, and ravishing women and fucking them hard.
This was getting her horny cunt even wetter. She closed the drawer and was about to leave when she bumped a box that was sticking out from under his bed.
Tia pulled the rest of it and opened it, discovering her cummy cummy panties. And lots of pictures of her daddy with his big enormous cock cumming. And a picture of him cumming in her cummy panties.
Her daddy was like her, a dirty filthy fucker. She was sure it would only be a matter of time before she got him interested in fucking her.

Oh she couldn't wait until her daddy took his filthy dirty whore of a daughter as his lover. She imagined him licking her and sucking on her and fucking her. She had sex only once before and he didn't break her hymen. And they hadn't done anal, so her daddy would be the one to fuck her virgin asshole and to pop her cherry.
She did masturbate and often thought of her daddy as she fingered herself. Now that she'd seen pictures of his cock, she couldn't wait for it. She wanted to have it in her.

Tia found herself so wet, that she sat down on her dad's bed, taking his picture of him cumming on her panties and masturbated herself. Her fingers were gliding in and out, stopping only to taste her own juices. She just came when she heard the car come in the garage.
Tia tossed the picture back in the box and shoved the box back under the bed, not caring she left a wet spot on his bed. Maybe he wouldn't see it?

She came downstairs and called out to her dad but there was no answer. She knew he wasn't upstairs. Then she thought maybe he went in the den. It was soundproof and where her daddy liked doing work. It was also where the computer was.
Tia made a beeline to the den, the door unlocked . she turned the handle and opened the door . What she saw was her daddy sitting there naked with a different pair of her panties. He was holding them to his nose and sniffing, the website open and him reading the message she sent.

The tv was on, a porn film playing. Tia was pleased when she saw it was a daddy/daughter role play. She had her answer.

Her daddy heard her and turned around. Instead of panic, there was a smile.

"It's about time baby girl. Come help your daddy out. He has a hard on and only his baby girl's body can help."

Tia got on her knees and started sucking, never breaking eye contact with her daddy. Bobbing up and down, a grin on her face, she sucked her daddy's cock. She pulled back, her saliva and his precum stringing from her mouth to his cock.
Her daddy patted her head. "You're a good cock sucker baby, but now I want you naked and daddy is going to fuck you."

Tia giggled and stripped fast. She was proud of her tits and her shaved pussy. She laid on the bed and opened her legs wide. "Ready daddy!"

Her daddy chuckled, " My little girl is such a slut. She's a cock whore. And I like it."

Tia's daddy nibbled on her nipples and nibbled on her clit. "Daddy, no more foreplay. I'm already wet and I'm so horny. Please fuck me daddy!"

"Mmmm well you have been a good girl, so I guess I will fuck your pussy."

He entered his daughter's pussy and thrust. When he felt resistance he paused and looked at her shocked. "My little whore is a virgin? But I thought you had sex with your boyfriend?"

"Yes daddy I did have sex. But he wasn't man enough to pop my cherry. And I think it's fitting that you are the one that will pop it. Please fuck me daddy! Take my pussy and fuck it hard!"

Her daddy wanted to make his baby happy so he obliged, thrusting and piercing her hymen. She let out a yelp but it turned to moans of pleasure.

"Ok my little slut, time for you to get fucked in your ass. Daddy wants to cum in that tight spot."

Tia got on all fours and shook her ass. "My ass is all yours daddy!"

He dipped a bit of lube in her tight hole and fingered her a bit. "Damn baby, you are tight. Don't worry though, your ass will be loose when Daddy's cock stretches it."

Tia felt the tip of his cock enter her ass. She squealed as he pushed further in, stretching her ass.

"Fuck you are tight. Sorry baby girl but Daddy needs to cum bad so he's gonna be a little rough. Though that shouldn't be a problem considering I know what you like."

Tia nodded her head and moaned as he grabbed her hair, pulling, and started thrusting hard in her ass. Every once in awhile he spanked her ass cheeks. Tia's ass was red and sore, but she was loving it.

"Cum in me Daddy! I want you to fill my ass up."

"Here I come baby girl. Honey, Daddy is going to fill your ass full."

He grunted and came, Tia's ass very full. With him cumming in her, that set Tia off and she had an orgasm. "Oh God, oh God....DAAADDYYYYYYYY! Ahhhhh that was good."

He flipped her over and cuddled with her. Kissing her on the head, he whispered in her ear, "Yeah baby girl. It was really good. You don't know how long I've been wanting to fuck that sweet pussy of yours."

"I love you Daddy."

"I love you too baby girl."